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Recovery procedure


When an “Error 30” occurs on GILTS(v7) data, the BTRIEVE - RECOVER facility will not work as the error is not caused by soft-, but hardware.

BTFILER” can be used to rectify the problem, but if the error persists,the only other method of recovery is rather complicated and should only be attempted by a programmer after a backup has been made.

NOTE - All users are to log out and no work should be done until the corrected file has been incorporated back into the system.

The recovery steps are:

1. Determine the ‘page size’ of the file by going into "GBS_B.L.C." and checking the ‘page_size’ field of the relevant file. Make a note of this value.

2. Determine the size of the file by doing a DIR of it, and divide the file size by the page size to get the number of pages in the file. Make a note of this value.

3. Copy, and rename the file.

4. Run a CREATE1 on the bad file to create a new file.

5. Using a utility - such as PC Tools - replace the first x bytes of the old file (where x is the page size determined in step 1 above), by the same bytes in the new file.

6. Replace hex bytes 26 - 29 of the old file (with the hex value representing the number of pages that were in the old file, determined in step 2 above). When replacing these bytes, a) flip byte 26 with 27, and b) byte 28 with 29 (see example below).

7. Enter this resultant number into the damaged file, and save.

8. Do a BUTIL- RECOVER from the damaged file into a temporary ASCII file.

9. Do a BUTIL- LOAD from the temporary ASCII file into the newly created file (step 4 above).


Example : Assume the damaged file contains 600 000 pages, and its hex value is 927c0.

                                                                                 byte   26   27   28   29

Decimal 600 000, Hex 927c0                                              00   09    27    c0

flip 26 and 27                                                                      09  00   27   c0

flip 28 and 29                                                                      09   00   c0   27


Thus “09 00 c0 27” are the hex values to be entered in bytes 26 – 29 of the damaged file.



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