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Kevod Insurance System
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Main Screen

When logged into the system, this is the screen you will see.  The Kevod Insurance System layout is user friendly and familiar - similar to MS Outlook / Express'  layout - with the navigation on the left, and the display on the right hand sides. 

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Client Screen

Policy Administration starts with the management of your client's information. Once this information has been captured any number of policies / quotes can be linked to a single client. This screen provides an instant overview of your client, his contact details and the active policies he has.

You can open the policy directly from here.

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Policy Screen

The system's Policy Maintenance interface allows for quick access to policy sections as well as displaying all policy header information like:

  • Bank account details
  • Premium and fees
  • Policy Number
  • Policy Type
  • Insurer Details
  • Outstanding Invoices

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Kevod Insurance System

Our flagship solution for the intermediaries who manage their own schemes, collect premiums, issue policies and record claims.

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Screen Shots

Screen ShotsTo take a closer look at how the system displays on your PC and the user interface.

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KIS Brochure

Brochure DownloadTo Download the latest KIS Brochure to read at your leisure.

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