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We have been using the KIS Administration system for about four years, and over time we've built up a beneficial working relationship with KIS' management team.

As we are an Administration Company - with a host of Insurers and vast network of subagents (with complex commission structures) -  we have been impressed with how KIS has been able to accommodate us.

What has impressed us most is the mature manner in which they have gone about implementing their system. Bearing in mind that we where one of the first 'live' KIS sites, we have watched them grow and expand without overextending themselves; testimony to this is that their system (today) is thoroughly tested, stable and “glitch” free.

Whilst we have looked at other similar systems, I can attest to the fact that KIS is streets ahead of any of them in content, and stability. We have also received glowing reports from our Insurer’s as to the paperwork that it produces.

I would recommend KIS  without hesitation.

Trevor Howard (Late)

Managing Director - IMCL.




When our brokerage made use of the previous generation's Dos-based GILTS administration system, Jaco Reinecke was the dedicated IT consultant that attended to us over the years. Based on the commitment that he showed, we were willing to be one of the first “guinea pigs” to take on the new Kevod Insurance System ("KIS").

In converting from GILTS to KIS, John and Jaco ensured that an almost impossible task was accomplished. The core features which our brokerage utilised extensively every day, were:

client and policy logging,

monthly, bi-annual and annual policy administration,

monthly ACB collections (for various insurers),

easy administration of 'unpaid's and debtors record keeping,

effortless production of monthly bordereauxs available per section / per policy / product,

multiple products  for any insurer.

I have no hesitation in recommending KIS to fellow brokers and Insurers alike. I wish Jaco and their team all the success for the future, and look forward to what's in the pipeline!

Nico Barnard

Managing Director - Woodbridge Insurance Brokers 




We've received a big compliment from Betsy this morning (regarding our SAE bordereaux's this month).

They usually take several days to balance with our bordereau's which causes a lot of frustration in their offices. Today, it took them 3 minutes to balance. Everything they required was there in black and white! 

I could not take the credit for it, so she asked me to thank everyone involved in our office, for loading policies and endorsements accurately, especially the new monthly Sasria's which nearly caused a headache. She also conveyed her compliments to KIS for their ability (reports) to meet their requirements.

Thanks to all of us, we make a great team!


Support - KIS 



As an independent support service provider of various systems (in addition to having been a user on several insurance systems) we can authoritatively say that:

1. KIS's installation has to be one of the easiest and most stable experienced.  The system has a very small footprint when compared to other applications.

3. KIS's resource requirement is very light (it can still be run on 'outdated' pc's) which minimizes initial capital outlay to a broker.

4. KIS is very cost effective. Over time, installation and support costs are up to 35% less than comparative competitors.

5. KIS is lightning fast - when compared to comparative systems - regardless of operating system or hardware used. Capturing / updating of policies are done at a fraction of the time (and keystrokes!) when compared to other systems.It simply results in costs saved, with less frustration to staff.

 6. KIS boasts an efficient and simple month-end procedure. It has to be one of the easiest systems around, with an almost 'intuitive' setup.

8. KIS is an absolute pleasure to support: enquiries are more than 90% less than other systems we've supported!


As a matter  of fact, in March '09, the South African financial and insurance news publication - FA News - conducted an independent survey into the various short term systems and system providers in the Financial Services industry.

Users of various systems were contacted, and requested their opinion on the system being used in their practises.

The Kevod Insurance System ("KIS") was rated 3rd overal (from 10 of the most prominent systems available today), and ;

  • scored full marks for its 'contribution to success of practise',
  • scored highest overall for 'after sales service'. 
It confirms what we have always known!


Siewert Rossouw

Mediated System Solutions 







Kevod Insurance System

Our flagship solution for the intermediaries who manage their own schemes, collect premiums, issue policies and record claims.

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