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The world in your hands.The Kevod Insurance System (“KIS”)

KIS is a well established, simple and robust policy administration system - uncluttered from bells and whistles - tailored for the short term insurance market in Southern Africa. It is in use (collectively)  by more than 40 brokers, hosts over 400 different products, having collected more than R4.2 billion in premium over the past  8 years. As an insurance data platform, it's lean, mean, and virtually bulletproof. 


KIS is our entrylevel solution for intermediaries managing their own schemes in collecting premiums, issuing policies and recording claims.  It empowers brokers to comprehensively manage their own portfolios, being able to move books of business between insurers at the figurative "push of a button". At the same time it's the prototype of the new generation Ks4 (under development) that will constitute a new baseline of insurance data platforms. Watch this space for details!


Bank of Servers

KIS’ simplified data management captures information by using as few screens as possible,  arriving at your end-result in as little number of server-transactions as possible. It is an unusually user-friendly software solution with a reputation of supplying comprehensive, robust business solutions at competitive pricing. It is designed around the  administration of domestic, commercial and “non-short term cover” policies, and has an unrivalled ability to migrate GILTS systems into a new, compact, powerhouse application.


User audit-trails ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, and the policies' Schedule Design ensures that each brokerage’s policy schedule carries their unique identity.


It is powerfully customizable, supports multiple- insurers, unlimited products, and can even be set up to support more than one brokerage on one database!


KIS features a vast array of industry - standard reports. More importantly, with a bit of vendor support interventaion an Excell based report can be generated on any data captured. Simple, really!


The system houses a complete endorsement history as each insured item is stored according to an effective date of cover, detailing all endorsements made over the period of the contract. No data is ever deleted, and because it is frugal with your memory resources long term storage is not a problem.


The system calculates pro-rata premiums, per risk-item, per effective date of cover. All (new) endorsements appear on one invoice, effectively within one ‘payment request’ managed from the system's month end procedure. 


After 8 years of development within a live environment, KIS is stable, robust and does not need upgrades - we know it's bulletproof!



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Kevod Insurance System

Our flagship solution for the intermediaries who manage their own schemes, collect premiums, issue policies and record claims.

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